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The Autodesk AutoCAD Serial Key line of software includes Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen Architecture, AutoCAD Activation Code Mechanical, AutoCAD Free Download Electrical, AutoCAD Structural, AutoCAD Landmark, AutoCAD 3D Studio and AutoCAD Map 3D. AutoCAD is designed to provide the tools needed to build, design, visualize and analyze a wide range of engineering projects. In 2006, Autodesk acquired smaller competitor Synchro Software, a pioneer in CAE (computer-aided engineering) software that was used to create a comprehensive model of an entire car before it was built. This was the first CAE application to be released by a major developer.


The AutoCAD subscription, registration and annual fee is US$4,000 per user. AutoCAD is sold by Autodesk for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems. The AutoCAD subscription includes full access to AutoCAD for all users. The AutoCAD subscription is also available for additional users, at $2,000 per additional user. Individual licensing is available for as low as $20 per license.


Most commonly used features of AutoCAD include:





Document Management

2D drafting

A drawing is a 2D representation of a 3D object. Most commonly used features of AutoCAD include:

Creation and manipulation of new 2D and 3D geometric objects using polylines, polygons, lines, surfaces, solids, arcs and arcs of circles.

Creation and manipulation of new 2D and 3D geometric objects using polylines, polygons, lines, surfaces, solids, arcs and arcs of circles. Geometric modeling allows you to model real-world objects such as ships, planes, equipment, buildings, bridges, bridges, vehicles, and many other types of models.

allows you to model real-world objects such as ships, planes, equipment, buildings, bridges, bridges, vehicles, and many other types of models. Tools to measure, size, and position 2D or 3D objects.

Tools to measure, size, and position 2D or 3D objects. Export and import of drawings, including DXF and DWG format drawings from older AutoCAD products.

and format drawings from older AutoCAD products. Precision tools, including the ability to rotate, move, cut,

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A content manager (CM) is the application program with which AutoCAD Torrent Download developers can create customized drawings for AutoCAD Crack Mac. The CM is a command shell on top of the Windows file system that provides a graphical user interface to the AutoCAD command set. The CM is written in C++. The File Management and Database Management modules are developed by the AutoCAD Application Developer Services division, and the CM is built by the AutoCAD Development Services division.

Because Autodesk maintains its own labs for creating drawing templates and various app templates, developers also use tools provided there to help with the implementation of their applications.

AutoCAD provides a command-line scripting interface, which allows programmers to add scripting functionality to the drawing environment.


The AutoLISP Programming Language is a programming language that may be used to write programs for AutoCAD. Autodesk provides the AutoLISP compiler as a free download.

The scripting interface for AutoCAD is provided by a series of programs called the content manager, or CM. These include ACS, ACDLISP, ACDOBJ, ACDOCI, ACDOCX, ACDOCP, ACDOCI, ACDOCX, ACDOCP, ACS, and ACDLISP.

In addition to their main role of interfacing with the drawing environment, the CMs can be used to provide a scripting interface for AutoCAD. Autodesk has provided a scripting interface, the ACL (AutoLISP) engine, that allows AutoLISP programming in AutoCAD. ACL is a suite of programs that uses AutoLISP programming to create a variety of CM functions. The following is a description of the functions in ACL:

**Authoring and Architectural:**

– **ACDSYS** : Get information on AutoCAD and display it.

– **ACDOCI** : Import and export autocad objects.

– **ACDOCP** : Get information on user security, object security, and user groups.

– **ACDOI** : Import and export autocad objects.

– **ACDOCX** : Get information on user security, object security, and user groups.

– **ACDOCX** : Get information on user security, object security, and user groups.

– **ACDOC** : Get information on user security, object security, and user

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Add and edit any property:

The new Markup Assistant with the Property Manager allows for the quick addition, or change, of any property in a drawing, and is the next step in improving productivity for 2D drafting. A property can be changed in just one click.

Custom views of any object:

With the Custom Views Manager, you can create any custom view for an object—like the view of a section plane, or a different angle of the body of a vehicle.

Create and maintain the Layout of your workspace:

The Layout Manager allows you to maintain and create layouts of your workspace at any time, like your latest project. You can have the tool automatically create layouts and align them to fit your current view or project.

Coordinate System Support:

Choose an arbitrary rotation in order to align any object. The new Coordinate System Manager supports non-orthogonal rotation, and the ability to select which set of coordinate axes are to be rotated, so you can rotate the X/Y plane or any specific coordinate axis.

Customizing your Home Menu:

You now have access to customizable Home menus for quickly accessing your most-used commands.

New View Select dialog for quick view selection:

With the new View Select dialog, you can quickly pick and choose the views you want to work with. The view you choose can be used by all commands and menus in the tool.

Auto Reference Management:

The Auto Reference Manager now offers greater control for tracking and creating auto references in your drawings. For example, you can easily create reference groups based on your top-level entity, type of entity, or layer. The new Auto Reference Manager also lets you easily control what’s being referenced.

Improved Undo:

The new Draw Order Manager puts undo control at your fingertips. You can create and view the Draw Order to find the next operation you want to undo, and the drawing history offers an overview of all actions you can undo.

New Utility Palette Commands:

The Utility Palette commands are now based on the same palettes as the command palettes. From new commands such as The CAD Utilities, you can access The CAD Utilities commands from anywhere on the ribbon.

Extended keyboard support:

You can use your keyboard to make most of the new AutoCAD commands. You can navigate in certain dialogs, and you

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Minimum specs:
Windows 7 or later
DirectX 11 graphics card (compatible with graphics cards AMD Radeons 750 or newer, NVIDIA GeForce 8 or newer, and Intel HD Graphics 4000 or newer)
Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or faster (overclocked will work too)
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
100 MB free disk space
32-bit OS
Internet connection with max. 10 MB/s download speed