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AutoCAD is one of the best CAD software and used by millions of professionals worldwide. It allows you to perform CAD related tasks and most importantly, its accuracy is unparalleled.

In this article, we will cover a wide range of AutoCAD and its features, each of which is essential to learn. By the end of this article, you will know enough to get started with AutoCAD and start learning what you need to do to design your own cool stuff.

This article is the second in a series on AutoCAD & 3D modeling. We have already covered the essentials of the process in our article on the AutoCAD workshop – The best way to learn AutoCAD. If you haven’t already read this article, go and read it first.

The free Autodesk Official Certified course is the best way to learn the basics of AutoCAD and its features.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is the world’s most popular CAD software application. It is used for 2D and 3D drafting, 2D and 3D modeling, visualization, rendering, design, construction, mechanical engineering, architecture, etc. It is not just for 2D work, it also allows you to draw and draft 3D models.

What does it cost?

The AutoCAD 2015 is the latest version of the AutoCAD and it is quite expensive. However, you can find deals on the AutoCAD 2015 below $10 per license.

AutoCAD 2016 is also available in the form of a subscription model at $14.99 per month and per user.

Note: AutoCAD is also a great software for collaboration. You can invite your team members to use the same AutoCAD instance and share your drawings.

Most of the videos in this article can be used with the free AutoCAD Lite version as well.

But, I need CAD for my work – What do I do?

If you work on a repetitive task or design small objects that are not visually complicated, you can also try some of the applications listed below:


We already covered the basics of the process of creating a drawing in our article on the AutoCAD workshop. If you want to know more about the process, you can go and check it out here:

How to create a drawing?

If you are creating an object with some complexity

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2D drawings are stored as raster files and are also compressed with the DXF compression standard.

Category: Desktop CAD programs

Category: 3D CAD software

AutoCAD 2008
AutoCAD 2008 offers many improvements over its predecessors. The following list is a summary of the new features and enhancements available with AutoCAD 2008, and is subject to change:

2D views can be „stacked“ allowing a user to create a 3D view that has multiple layers of 2D drawings.

Category: Desktop CAD programs

Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk 3ds Max is a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software used by professionals. It is a part of AutoCAD 3D 2011. It is available in two versions, Autodesk 3ds Max Standard and Autodesk 3ds Max Professional.

3D rendering
3D rendering is a graphical feature that allows 3D objects to be realistically viewed on-screen. Rendering may be used to replace the flat 2D view of the objects with a 3D view.

Visual Effects
AutoCAD 2010 offers many new visual effects. These effects are listed here:

Hidden Line
Allows lines that are connected in the model to not be shown in the display. For example, a wall will not show a hole through it where light can enter.

Allows a scene to be set up with a light source to make a 3D model easier to see.

Allows a shadow to be created on the 3D objects to make it easier to see.

Allows the 3D objects to be made more smooth by dividing the 3D objects into smaller pieces, called faces.

Allows an object’s surface to be made into a 3D texture.

Allows the 3D objects to have a 3D object’s volume be made a 3D texture.

Hidden Line
Allows lines that are connected in the model to not be shown in the display. For example, a wall will not show a hole through it where light can enter.

Allows a scene to be set up with a light source to make a 3D model easier to see.

Allows a shadow to be created on the 3D objects to make it easier to see.

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Press „1“ and then click on the „2D“ tab.
Press „1“ and then click on the „3D“ tab.

Autodesk Autocad Keygen (v2019)

Autocad Keygen Generator (v2019)

Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 Serial Number & Serial Key – is a CAD/Drafting software product from the Autodesk family. It is used for creating various types of drawings (and models).

Users can import different types of data (e.g. DWG, SVG, DXF, PDF, etc.) and design project (drawings).

It has many important features such as the ability to create design ideas and use them, various templates, and many others.

This software allows you to create various types of projects (e.g. a drawing, a model, etc.).

Its advantages include: drawing and editing on Windows (Mac versions available), a good layout, high-quality graphics, high speed, and the ability to customize your work.

In Autocad 2018 serial number you can:

Import DWG, DXF, DWF, SVG, and other files.

Perform various editing processes, and create new objects.

Create your own tools and set their conditions.

Select objects from the selected layers and edit them.

Create your own templates, parameters, and special „shapes“.

Its disadvantages include: the need to license the software, a limited number of drawing tools, difficult implementation of complex design ideas, and many others.

A 3D model consists of elements and faces. The type of element is dependent on its shape, and its volume, and its location.

Types of 3D elements:














All of these can be represented in different colors, using a special brush. A 3D model can have many more types of elements.

To create a 3D model, create a new layer, and choose a surface or mesh. Then, select the desired type of element, and add it to the drawing.

At this stage, your 3D model can include additional elements such as points, lines, circles, and other types of objects.


What’s New In AutoCAD?

Layout and Drawing Tools:

Quickly create layouts by placing objects on a grid and then use predefined boundaries as the grid. (video: 1:17 min.)

Power View:

Organize large models with the Power View. (video: 3:00 min.)

Support for additional CAD file formats:

Flexible exporting support for AutoCAD files for 3D printing. (video: 4:30 min.)

Supports additional file formats for 3D printing:

Mixed Reality:

Use the latest tools and techniques to create high-quality 3D models in AutoCAD. (video: 5:10 min.)

Support for additional file formats for 3D printing:

Other Tools:

The other new tools in AutoCAD 2023 include:

1. Introduction to the new features in AutoCAD

Let’s start with an overview of the new features of AutoCAD 2023. There are a number of enhancements to the technology in this version, some of which you may have used before. This is a new product. The three primary new features in AutoCAD are:

Rapid feed back into design

Rapid export to other file formats

Support for 3D printing

In the past, design engineers sent their models to a PCB layout company or other external services. The engineer might make some changes to the drawing, but these changes would go back to the external service and often would take days or weeks to be incorporated back into the design. Now, thanks to the new Import Feed Back feature, engineers can send a finished drawing directly to the external service and incorporate the changes themselves, without having to wait days or weeks. This saves hours in the design process. Rapidly feed back into design

Design engineers can use many of the drawing tools directly in the 2D drawing space. Using the new tool, they can import an existing layout and quickly add or modify any annotations they created, such as the location of connectors and mechanical components. They can draw freely in a 2D space and send the drawing with annotations directly to the external service that will create the final PCB layout.

Rapid export to other file formats

Engineers can quickly export a design directly to.stp,.stl,.sld,.svf, or.wrl format for 3D printing. This saves time since they no longer have

System Requirements:

Software Requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, or 10, with an Intel® Core™ i5, i7, i9 or AMD processor, and a graphics card capable of running DirectX 11.
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5, i7, or AMD processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 660 or AMD HD7970 recommended
Storage: 2 GB available hard disk space (optional)
Video: DirectX 11 graphics card and the ability to display the framebuffer