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Cocteau Twins Singles Collection 10CD Box Set 1991 FLAC

Cocteau Twins Singles Collection 10CD Box Set 1991 FLAC



Cocteau Twins Singles Collection 10CD Box Set 1991 FLAC

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What is the most efficient way to apply a function to each element of a list?

I have a list of numbers (from a py file). I want to apply a function to each of those numbers, and then put the result in another list.
For example, I have a list of numbers 0, 5, 2, and -1. The numbers will either be positive, negative, or 0 (in which case there is no change). I want to take each number and apply a function to it. The function is as follows:
def sign(x):
if x 0:
return 1
return 0

So in the above example, the function would return -1, -1, 0, and 1 respectively.
I want to turn each of these numbers into a list, apply the function, and return a new list of numbers in which each number is a list of its results from the function.
My initial thought was to use a list comprehension like this:
[sign(x) for x in numbers]

But that is inefficient. I know the function can be made more efficient, but I am not sure how.
So my question is: Is there a more efficient way to do this?


You could use an itertools.izip() with the mapping from int to ints:
import itertools

map(lambda x, y: y, itertools.izip(*map(int, x)))

This is not as inefficient as it might seem – perhaps a few milliseconds more, but that’s a very tiny difference at the scale of applications such as yours.

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