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Get the latest software and tips to help you get the most out of your Mac software solutions, including the best system tools, productivity apps, and more from the #1 selling Mac app, MacLife.What research program must be developed before an actor walks onto the stage?
The lecture was delivered as the 8th Wayne N. Miller Teaching Award Lecture at the 66th Annual Meeting of the TSSLA held in Los Angeles, December 2011. The lecture, entitled „What research program must be developed before an actor walks onto the stage?“, was presented by Lilly Chin, Ph.D., as part of the TSSLA annual Teaching Award Lecture. This lecture reviewed the state of the art in the teaching of acting, the current research program in the teaching of acting, what the future of the field must involve, and what resources are currently available to the acting teacher.I’ve noticed the new PostCSS version (2.0) has been released with support for SourceMaps and Hot Module Replacement – two very useful features when working with JavaScript. In this post, I’ll look at how to use these features to integrate PostCSS into existing JavaScript based projects. The example I’m using is an Electron project.

You’ll note I am targeting PostCSS 2.0 for this example. In version 2.0, PostCSS supports importing of files and the ability to write custom functions with the function() API. I will use these new features, so make sure you are using 2.0 to follow along.

Install PostCSS

In order to use PostCSS in Electron you’ll need to install the Node.js package postcss.

npm install –save-dev postcss

Now that you have PostCSS installed, you’ll need to configure it as your loader in your webpack.config.js file.

module.exports = { module : { loaders : [{ test : /\.css$/, loaders : [’style-loader‘, ‚css-loader‘, ‚postcss-loader‘ ] }] } };

Configure Webpack to Use PostCSS

Before you can use PostCSS, you’ll first need to modify your webpack.config.js file to add a loader to process your PostCSS configuration.

module.exports = { module : { loaders : [{ test : /\.css$/, loaders : [’style-loader‘, ‚css-loader‘, ‚postcss-