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You can also get the latest version of the game below and/or use a reliable third-party crack to get the game running on your. Contact Us/Display Mode; Poster; Scrolled; Text; Tool. Tags: [perl] aol email sertified post site stockink lsa test post any ip[/perl]Colombia: Farc fighting for survival, keep the international dialogue alive

13 June 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian

Photo: María Correa.

After more than two years of negotiations to end Colombia’s longest-running armed conflict, former rebels and leftist politicians on Monday urged negotiators not to give up the fight for a political solution, because „Colombia is at risk of falling back into war.“

„A country with so much potential, which Colombia could develop for the good of its people cannot return to civil war,“ Javier Corrales, chairman of the Coguai (Confederation of Indigenous Communities), which represents the country’s 2.6 million indigenous peoples, said.

The statement, made during a meeting in Brussels of a group representing Colombia’s first indigenous peoples, was released jointly by Coguai and the umbrella group of the Morena and Movimiento Ciudadano parties, which are both part of a left-wing alliance that opposes former rebels who have signed a peace deal with the government.

The former leftist guerrillas, who have been part of the government since 2016 and who run the country’s two main political parties, have a different agenda, focusing on more than 50,000 displaced people from Colombia’s conflict.

A peace deal was finally reached in November 2014 and after nearly a year of negotiations, the 50-point accord was signed by the government and the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) on April 19.

However, negotiations broke down later that month, and the FARC has also accused the government of reneging on the deal.

„There is no negotiation because there is no willingness to negotiate,“ FARC spokesman Ivan Marquez said.

In November 2015, talks collapsed for

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