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Everytime when I search for files on file hosting like magnet link, it opens the torrent files, then it scans on magnet link and thus it start the downloading?
Is there any other way to download files on magnet link?
Please help me…….


After the download, open the.torrent file and click on Share This Magnet URL to share the magnet link. When shared and clicked on, the torrent should be started downloading.


Connect your Torrent Client with your Torrent Peer, search the magnet link in your torrent client, the torrent should start downloading.

A spokesman from the Hindu Seva Dal (HSD), a Hindu group and charity, earlier said, „We have nothing to do with it.“

The spokesman said that any mission to India carries a disclaimer guaranteeing that no proceeds will go to the mission, the ministry or a similar institution.

On Wednesday, Rajan Zed, an authority on occultism, said the Obedient’s ban seemed like an „illegal“ act. Zed further warned that such acts might be used to „control the minds of the people of India and the world.“

„Such a practice might also hamper a person’s will to progress, as it builds barriers between people. Do such practices not violate the human rights of the believers?“ Zed asked.Backstage Passes Tour

Backstage Passes Tour is a concert tour by American alternative rock band Weezer. It supports their 6th studio album, Hurley (2009). The tour began on July 9, 2009, in at the San Francisco Opera House in San Francisco.

Set list

The band performed an encore set on almost every night during the tour.

„L.A. Girl“
„Hash Pipe“
„Say It Ain’t So“
„Buddy Holly“
„The Other Side of the Door“
„Pork and Beans“
„Say It Ain’t So (Reprise)“
„Pork and Beans (Reprise)“
„As Long as I Have You“
„My Name Is Jonas“
„Say No! To the Call“
„Surf Wax America“
„It’s a Shame“
„Buddy Holly (Reprise)“
„(You Gotta) Get a Gimmie“
„We’re All Alone“



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