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Special character in URL not resolved by Joomla

In my joomla site i have created a component called „lookup“ which
stores the ids of those items(contacts) in my database in a table named „lookup_contacts“ with the column „id“.
In the admin panel, each item in the contacts component has this url :
In the index.php page of my component, i tried to show the data from my db and i used a code like this :
$submenu =& JFactory::getApplication()->getMenu();

foreach($this->_result->getData() as $row){
$id = $row->id;
$title = $row->title;
$dest = $row->destination;

if(is_int($id) &&!empty($id)){
$link = JRoute::_($id);

$url = “.$this->_cleanUrl($dest);
$url = $url.“/“.$_REQUEST[„q“];



where $url is the one i have defined in the before mentioned url.
The problem is that when i refresh this page with the url this time without the q parameter it does not work
when i add the q parameter, it works.
i added some lines to show what’s in my view/article.php file:
item->alias!= “):?>

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