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The Paragon, Missouri 65241


UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!! WOW! Perfect opportunity to be close to everything. State of the Art Bio-Dome, tennis courts, boat launch, garden space, Tractor pull, horseback riding, educational programs, farms, and pavilions. Just to name a few. Also just 3 blocks to the shopping at Michael’s. This property is beautiful! The owners work hard every day to make this a perfect place to live or to call your own. Own and make this your Home, its currently that way! The value has really soared in the past year or so and buyers are really excited to own property in the Paragon neighborhood. This home won’t last long at this price. So don’t wait.



Finished Basement/3 Bedrooms/1 Full Baths/Formal Dining Room



Bathroom: Full Bathroom

Bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms

Kitchen: Formal Dining Room

Living Room


· Lot Features:

· Deck

SQUARE FOOTAGE Source: Public Records








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Conventionally, a stereoscopic image is displayed on a display apparatus of an electronic device in synchronization with an operation of the electronic device (see, for example, Japanese Patent Application Laid-open No. 2003-247551, paragraphs [0056] to [0078], FIG. 10).
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