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SimCity.5..PC-RePack.-SKIDROW _TOP_ 🔋

SimCity.5..PC-RePack.-SKIDROW _TOP_ 🔋



SimCity – No „Crack“ Needed to Play
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NEW SNK fan-made SimCity 5, having been released Thursday, is already having its moments as a reaction to the 2013 reissue of the game that introduced a new digital deluxe version.
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How to set lambda function as default value of Django model field?

I have a field in my model that is a callable function. I would like to be able to set a default value for that field. To do so, I wrote a custom validator like this:
def my_callback(value):
return my_function(value)

def my_function(value):
if value == ‚Value1‘:
return ‚default_value‘
return value

def validate_my_field(value):
return my_function(value)

class MyModel(models.Model):
my_field = models.CharField(validators=[
ValidateMyField(validators=[min_value, max_value]),

I need to set two values for my_function: a default, and the value of the next field in my_model. So if my_model.my_field is empty, value is set to default_value, and if value == 1, value is set to ‚Value1‘.
But I get the error