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Tenorshare 4uKey Password Manager With CrackSaudi Arabia has asked Iran to pay it $2bn after discovering it sent Tehran crude oil in tankers belonging to the Kingdom.

„I want to inform the Iranian government that we have noticed that some of the oil loaded by Iranian tankers on Hormuz pass through Saudi territorial waters and that we are not aware of what they are doing,“ Riyadh’s Aramco company chief executive Amin Nasser Al-Johani said at an international investment conference in Riyadh.

Speaking on Monday, Al-Johani offered no explanation as to why Iran was trying to enter Saudi waters. Nor did he say whether Saudi Arabia had asked Tehran to stop the practice.

„I want to ask the Iranians to come to the negotiating table and not inject themselves in other countries‘ affairs,“ Al-Johani said. „We did ask them, but they have not agreed.“

The comments came shortly after Saudi Arabia called off an attack against Iran’s oil facilities on Sunday as a result of the failure to reach an agreement on oil production with the United States.

READ MORE: Saudi Arabia halts oil shipments to Iran

OPINION: What the Saudi-Iran gas dispute means for us

The two countries agreed to restore oil production to levels before the oil price collapse, around six years ago. Under the terms of the agreement, Iran would have surrendered almost a third of its capacity and Saudi Arabia would have cut production by about half.

In return, the Saudi-led group of countries would have received five billion dollars as compensation from Iran.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are the world’s leading crude exporters and the Iranian agreement with the US had been the first big hurdle in the relationship since Riyadh cut all economic ties with its arch-rival in 2016.

The Kingdom has, however, maintained a military alliance with the United

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Shanty Creek is a tributary of the Connecticut River in the U.S. state of New Hampshire. It flows through the town of Gilsum before joining the Connecticut River.

Shanty Creek was given its name by James Stark, who settled at the stream’s mouth, which was a notoriously hard-to-hike-across drainage of Shallow Brook and its watershed. The term „shanty“ refers to a shelter or shack. Stark’s cabin sat at a lower elevation than the present Sunnyside Road, a logging road to the right of the current site of the Hampstead Village Inn.

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