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How to get parents of a Node within the paragraph of a document in Google Drive

I have been able to get the parent nodes of a node within the document, but for some reason this does not return the parents of a node in a paragraph of the document.
Expected result:
// Input Array
{ „title“: „Title One“, „group“: { „title“: „Group One“, „url“: „/drive/group/groupId/item/id/1453“ } }
// Another title
// In a completely different group
// An input array in its own paragraph

// Output Array
{ „title“: „Group One“, „url“: „/drive/group/groupId/item/id/1453“ }
// Another title
// In a completely different group
// An input array in its own paragraph

My code
Please note that I have tried the following with no luck:
var parentIDs = [];
var idOfInputArray = null;

var inputArray = { „title“: „Title One“, „group“: { „title“: „Group One“, „url“: „/drive/group/groupId/item/id/1453“ } };

for (var key in inputArray) {
if (inputArray.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
if (key == „group“ && inputArray[„group“]) {
inputArray[„group“][„id“] = inputArray[„group“][„id“];

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My Mission:

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Grateful Dead fans are a diverse group. On both a personal and professional level, we’ve all come to find some part of the Dead that speaks to us. I would like to offer you just the right set of tools to get you there and expand your awareness of the music that has been with us for over 4 years now.

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Starting with Dead and Company, I have been learning how to approach the band and their music from the inside out, looking at the bigger picture through various layers. How