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Using boost context to insert objects to STL containers

I was trying to understand how to use boost::context to make objects thread safe in a typical OOP way, but I realized that it creates multiple threads and I don’t need separate threads.
Let’s say I have a class Project(which wraps some sort of Object).
class Project {
Object1 *obj1;
Object2 *obj2;
Project(Object1 *obj1, Object2 *obj2) : obj1(obj1), obj2(obj2){}

This project class is used as a shared resource to be shared between many threads. I’m finding the boost::context package very handy, but it will have a default constructor and default copy constructor, but what about the assignment operator? We cannot have assignment operator in the Project class, because obj1 and obj2 are shared resources.
I would like to change my Project class as follows:
class Project {
std::vector obj1;
std::vector obj2;
Project(std::vector obj1, std::vector obj2) : obj1(obj1), obj2(obj2){}

I cannot write a copy constructor, assignment operator because they will be creating copies. So, I’d like to create the context as follows:
boost::context ctx;

And then try to create the objects as follows:
//This will produce a thread unsafe error.
ctx.push( new Project( obj1, obj2) );

Is there a way to tell boost::context to create objects in this case?
Thanks in advance.


If you don’t have any threading logic (and you don’t have much reason to have it), you can easily just make the constructors take the objects themselves.

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