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Connecting a WeIdentity instance with IdentityServer4

I have a Asp.Net Core Web App (MVC) and a few Web Apis (each in.Net Standard 2.0) that I’m trying to integrate with IdentityServer4.
I have a WeIdentity instance in the asp.net MVC app that handles authentication and role management.
I have created a DotNetOpenAuth.AspNet.Mvc.Templates.Owin.Controllers.ApplicationOAuth2Controller and have also installed the IdentityServer4.AspNetCore using the Publish method.
When I navigate to localhost:port I get a blank white screen with the following warnings:
warn Failed to retrieve the user claims
warn System.Web.HttpContext.HttpContext.Request.GetOwinContext was called multiple times on this request. This could indicate that the same client is using multiple browser sessions and the cross-session token does not have sufficient time to propagate. Try refreshing the page.
warn System.Net.Http.HttpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add(Xero.AspNetCore.Authorization.Onions.Authentication.OpenIdConnect.RequestCredentialsSecurityToken, Xero.AspNetCore.Authorization.Onions.

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